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How to Get Your Christmas Tree Home with Ease

Family Picking Out Christmas Tree - Springfield, MO

Picking out a Christmas tree is the ultimate family holiday tradition—but once you find the perfect tree, how do you get it home? If you want to get your tree home safe and sound, never fear. Just follow these tips on how to get your Christmas tree home with ease. Wrap it up. Pine needles can do a surprising amount… Read more »

Holiday Travel Tips

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Holiday Travel Tips

The holiday season is quickly approaching and if you plan on traveling, there are a few things you need to know. While packing light and planning ahead of two obvious tips, there are many more you probably aren’t aware of. That’s where we come in. We here at Wessel Honda have some holiday travel tips to make the most wonderful… Read more »

2017 Honda Ridgeline – Buying A New Truck in Springfield Missouri

2017 Honda Ridgeline - Buying A New Truck in Springfield Missouri

The midsize truck segment has been revitalized amid new competition but the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is ready and willing to dominate the segment. The latest model boasts a number of exclusive features as well as a sleek design that puts it a step above the rest. With a truck like this one, there won’t be any need for another vehicle…. Read more »

The All-New Honda CR-V is Ready to Turn Heads – New Cars For Sale In Springfield Missouri

The All-New Honda CR-V is Ready to Turn Heads - New Cars For Sale In Springfield Missouri

The Honda CR-V has quite a few fans as America’s bestselling SUV, which means that any changes to the model are put under extra scrutiny before the public sees them (beyond the close look already given by the automaker). This month, Honda finally unveiled the all-new Honda CR-V to the world, and it has certainly received quite a few upgrades…. Read more »

Halloween Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on All Hallows Eve

Halloween Driving Tips

Apart perhaps from the day after the general election, Halloween is the single scariest day of the year. Unlike November 9, the fright synonymous with Halloween is of a fictitious and more playful nature. This isn’t to say that Halloween cannot be legitimately scary itself; with children roving neighborhoods in masks and costumes in large numbers, it can actually pose… Read more »

Best Tailgating Tips for the Football Season

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best tailgating tips

Fall is here, and that means one thing – football! And, of course, with football comes tailgating. There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a grill and a cooler packed with beer. You can go above and beyond, however, by implementing some of the best tailgating tips we’ve found on the internet. Get there Early Plan on arriving four hours before… Read more »

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid First Drive Reviews

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Honda Accord Hybrid first drive - New Car Search Springfield MO

Since July, 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid first drive reviews have been rolling in, and the experts agree that the new Accord Hybrid is a sturdy ride with great handling that any mid-size sedan fan will appreciate for their daily drive. Quiet and efficient, with an upgraded regenerative braking system that both improves on the brake feel of the 2014 model… Read more »

Best Golf Courses near Springfield, Missouri

golf courses near Springfield, Missouri

Did you know that August is recognized as National Golfing Month? This means you have the perfect excuse to head out this weekend and hit the links. Here are some of the best golf courses near Springfield, Missouri so you can celebrate this special occasion. Highland Spring Country Club. This private club features 18 holes covering 7,038 yards with a… Read more »

Honda Week of Service Serves Local Communities across the U.S.

Honda week of service

In June, all across the United States, Honda employees headed out into their communities to lend a helping hand. This was the first ever Honda of Week of Service—something that Honda hopes to make an annual event. From June 10th-19th, Honda employees in 41 states along with areas in Canada and Mexico participated in 425 organized service events. These events… Read more »

Why Buy a Honda – Honda Dealerships Near Me

There are plenty of good automakers out there and some are better than others. Honda is one of the most competitive brands in the market with a wide selection of vehicles. Still, there are makes with larger lineups and cheaper vehicles. That begs the question, why buy a Honda? Here at Don Wessel Honda, we have the answer to your… Read more »