Honda Launches New Online Series on Social media – Used Cars For Sale Springfield MO

Honda is celebrating its heritage in a whole new way. With a modern twist on things, Honda has launched a new online series devoted to its history.

The story of American Honda’s first N600 vehicle in the United States is told through the eyes of a determined mechanic. You can see Honda from the very beginning, when in 1969 they decided to move on from motorcycles to cars. This is when Honda embarked on a mission to sell successful and sought-after cars in the United States.

The Honda N600 was just 122 inches long and could even fit between the wheels of some full size vehicles today. “We’re so proud to bring the story of Honda’s roots in the US to life through the restoration of this vehicle,” said Alicia Jones, Honda social media manager.

You can see the new online series at The new weekly online series emphasizes Honda’s roots in America and reflects the drive and determination of the company and its hard workers. Be sure to visit Don Wessel Honda during your search for used cars for sale in Springfield Missouri.

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