Car rental tips

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Easter is coming up and that means it might be time to travel! If you’re going on a road trip and planning to rent a car, here are some car rental tips to avoid high rental costs:

  1. Don’t buy extra insurance you don’t need.

Your own auto insurance might cover the temporary use of a rental car. If you use a credit card to pay, they might cover extra costs your own insurance wouldn’t.

  1. Don’t rent from an airport

If you rent from an airport, you might get sacked with surplus airport charges.

  1. Shop around

Make sure you do your research on websites like and

  1. Don’t pay extra for a GPS or car seat

You’ll save a lot of money by just using your phone for a GPS or your own car seat.

  1. Thoroughly inspect your rental car before returning it

Rental car companies will charge you for just about anything. So make sure you do a once-over before you start driving so that you don’t get charged for anything that wasn’t your fault.

  1. Don’t return your car late

You can be charged large late fees if you go beyond the time you said you’d return it; even it’s just an hour late.

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