Fall Driving Tips in Springfield, MO

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Fall is a beautiful season, from the vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves to the crisp mornings and warm afternoons. But pumpkin season can also present some hazards on the road. The following fall driving tips from Don Wessel Honda will help you be a safer driver during autumn in Springfield, Missouri.fall driving tips

Don’t slip on leaves

As the leaves fall from the trees, roadways become slippery. Wet leaves from rain or overnight dew make it harder for your car to brake. If you’re driving down a leaf-covered street, it’s a good idea to slow down and avoid hard braking.

Use your headlights

Daylight takes longer to come in the fall, and once the clocks go back in November it’ll start getting dark earlier. Use your headlights at dawn and dusk so that you can see and be seen by oncoming vehicles. Night driving is tricky and can take some getting used to, so slow down until you’re comfortable.

Watch for kids

School is in session, and with the mornings getting darker it’s even more important to watch out for children on your morning commute. Follow the law when it comes to school buses and school zones, and watch for kids crossing the street around school dismissal time.

Watch out for trick-or-treaters in October, especially on the night of Halloween. If you must drive in a neighborhood on beggar’s night, drive slowly and stop for pedestrians.

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