Tips for Transporting a Kayak (or Two) With Your Honda

2021 Honda Ridgeline | Springfield, MO

Many drivers in this area of Missouri love exploring the outdoors, and driving a Honda from Don Wessel Honda is a great way to explore scenic sites in the Show-Me State. Because Springfield is near the Lake of the Ozarks region, we recommend planning a kayak excursion this fall. Here are some tips for safely transporting a kayak or two with your Honda.

Use Proper Equipment

According to outdoor adventure experts at REI, you need four items to properly secure a kayak to the top of your Honda Odyssey or other vehicle.

Start by mounting a set of crossbars that attach to your Honda model’s roof rack. If your vehicle does not have a factory-installed roof rack, contact Don Wessel Honda. We can easily install roof rails on your Honda Pilot, CR-V, or other model.

Fit padded sleeves over the crossbars to give the kayak some cushion as it rides. The best products are ones that form V-shapes in which the kayaks can rest snugly. Strap the bulk of the kayak down with long cam straps and secure its ends with non-stretch, water-resistant rope.

Safely Loading The Kayak

It’s always a better idea to lift and secure a kayak with the help of a second person — both for your personal safety and avoiding causing damage to your Honda and kayak. You each should grab an end of the kayak and lift it above your head, gently guiding it onto the crossbars.

If you have to load the kayak yourself, you should either invest in a kayak rack that includes a lift system or at least cover the roof of your car to use it as a fulcrum. The latter method is doable but may damage your Honda’s paint job if it slips.

If you drive a large SUV, truck, or minivan, you might have enough space to actually store the kayaks inside your vehicle, as the largest models in the Honda lineup offer an abundance of cabin space or bed storage. You can find the whole lineup of Honda models here at Don Wessel Honda


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