Tips for Keeping Kids Quiet in Your Honda

2021 Honda Odyssey | Springfield, MO

 Is your family planning a road trip through Arkansas, Kansas, or Oklahoma this summer? All these wonderful states are a short drive away from Springfield, Missouri, and are worth exploring with your children. These nearby locations have kid-friendly attractions that are worth discovering on weekend road trips.

However, during your drive, sitting in a Honda SUV or crossover with a caravan of rambunctious children can quickly become annoying, so here are some tips for keeping your kids quiet on a road trip.

Set Guidelines And Clear Expectations

One of the best methods to keep your kids quieter in the car is actually simple: be honest. Instead of getting frustrated by your child’s loud complaining and reacting with irritation, start by setting behavior guidelines as you voice your expectations.

Encourage Scrapbooking Or Journaling

Instead of expecting your child to stay occupied during the drive with constant screen time, get them to unplug from their devices and plug into vacation. A great way to do this is giving them the supplies to make a scrapbook or journal so they can chronicle the trip. Encourage them to illustrate their diary by drawing sketches of their experiences and gluing cutouts from pamphlets you pick up along the way.

Schedule Enjoyable Detours

It’s common for us adults to want to get to our destination as quickly as possible, but taking the time to stop and enjoy the journey will help ease everyone’s cabin fever. Allot time to take periodic breaks — and not just to use the restroom! Find interesting or scenic diversions along your route.

Planning a family road trip soon? Prepare for your summer travel by bringing your Honda for maintenance before hitting the highway. Don Wessel Honda will inspect and service your car so it’ll perform safely on your long-distance drive.

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