Honda Will Sell Only Electric Vehicles by 2040

Honda Electric Vehicles | Don Wessel Honda | Springfield, MO

Honda is looking forward to an electrifying future. The Japanese carmaker recently announced that its entire lineup in the United States will consist of only electric vehicles by 2040. In Europe, it’s targeting all-electric sales by 2025.

Honda’s emphasis on eco-friendly vehicles will begin with a new series of electric models that are based on the new “e:Architecture” platform. The first new Honda EV models will arrive in the 2024 model year, and the brand will build each with General Motors’ Ultium battery platform since the “e:Architecture” platform likely won’t be ready by then.

Honda hopes that fully electric vehicles, which includes battery electric and fuel-cell electric, will account for 30 percent of sales by 2030 and 80 percent by 2035.

The brand also plans to begin several extensive initiatives that will move its company towards the research and development of solid-state batteries to use in a production vehicle before the end of the decade.

The brand also outlined another goal in its recent announcement. It wants to have zero automobile and motorcycle collision fatalities around the world by 2050. While this is likely a more ambitious target than exclusively selling EVs by 2040, the brand’s driver-assistance and safety technology advances are paving the way to make this happen.

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