How To Pack Light on a Road Trip in Missouri

Road Trip Missouri | Don Wessel Honda | Springfield, MO

With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan a road trip in Missouri. To make sure you have plenty of room for your friends and family to join you on your adventure, check out these tips for packing lightly before your summer road trip with your Honda.

Choose the right clothes

There’s no need to pack 20 outfits for one weekend trip. Take a look at the weather report for your destinations and choose only the clothes that suit the expected conditions. It’s a good idea to select items you can mix and match with each other so you can adjust your outfits as needed during your road trip.

Roll them up

When filling up your suitcase, roll your clothes, towels, and other similar items. Not only do rolled items take up less space than folded ones, but they also are less likely to develop wrinkles.

Combine smaller items

Rather than trying to stuff smaller items into nooks and crannies around your car, put everything you can into a resealable plastic bag. Try to fit all of your toiletries, first-aid supplies, and prescriptions inside a gallon-size bag.

Need any maintenance before the big trip? Be sure to schedule an appointment at the Don Wessel Honda service department in Springfield, Missouri.

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