Regular vs Synthetic Motor Oil: What’s The Difference?

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Every vehicle requires regular oil changes in order to stay in good working order. When you bring your vehicle to Don Wessel Honda for its routine maintenance, though, you’re usually asked the question, “Do you want regular oil or synthetic?” If you’re not sure about the differences between the two, never fear. We’ve put together a guide to these two oil types to help you decide which works best for your vehicle.

Conventional Oil

Like any car oil, the conventional type works to lubricate your engine so it can continue to run smoothly. Made from crude oil, the traditional option can operate at high temperatures and keeps its stability during long periods of time under extreme conditions. Over time, though, regular oil can leave deposits in the engine and its components, causing future issues if you don’t keep up with your maintenance schedule.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is, as you might guess from its name, a somewhat human-made option. This oil is made from a base oil, powder additives, and a carrier oil to help keep your engine in tiptop condition. It typically has fewer impurities than conventional oil, which makes it cleaner, and it also has a uniform molecular size to reduce friction within your engine. Synthetic oil is typically seen as a better option for your car because it leaves fewer deposits than conventional oil, too. That means you can usually go for longer between changes.

If you have any questions about the oil that is best for your vehicle, just ask the expert technicians at Don Wessel Honda. They can discuss the differences and provide you with even more advice to make your decision easier.

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