2020 Honda Fit e:HEV Highlights Formula 1 Technology

2020 Honda Fit | Springfield, MO

When you want both power and efficiency, there are few better places to look than the Formula 1 racetrack. That’s why Honda has taken inspiration from its own Formula 1 team for the all-new 2020 Honda Fit e:HEV. This new hybrid hatchback, which debuted during the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, is providing consumers with track-inspired efficiency.

The 2020 Fit e:HEV combines a 1.5-liter engine with the brand’s two-motor hybrid system. In addition to this efficient powertrain, you can opt between one of three driving modes at any given time – EV Drive, Hybrid Drive, and Engine Drive. Each model finds the balance that you need at any point in your drive.

These driving modes are also a big part of the Formula 1 driving strategy, allowing the professional drivers to utilize the most power or efficiency at any given point in the race.

Honda has also brought in an electronic control system for the e:HEV, which helps the vehicle seamlessly switch between the driving modes – just like the professional models do.

“During a Formula 1 race weekend, teams have to manage very carefully how much fuel they use to comply with the sport’s regulations,” Yasuaki Asaki, the head of power unit development at Honda, explained, “In a race, we can divide the total fuel allowance over the number of laps, but there are going to be situations where a team might wish to use more fuel in order to get higher performance and in other parts of the race they will want to save fuel for later, while behind a safety car for example.”

With these Formula 1-inspired features, Asaki believes that the hybrid Fit hatchback will be able to “deliver the best possible power to efficiency ratio for the driver, in any required driving mode.”

The road-ready Honda Fits on the lot at Don Wessel Honda may not be Formula 1-inspired, but they still provide the efficient power you and your family need.

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