Two New Electric Vehicles Come from Honda and General Motors

Honda EV | Springfield, MO

Honda and General Motors are working together towards a greener future. The Honda and GM partnership will lead to the creation of two new electric cars, giving both brands an opportunity to help expand the industry’s EV lineup.

These two new electric vehicles will utilize batteries manufactured by GM, which will be built at its plants in North America. The interiors and exteriors will be designed by Honda, though.

“This expanded partnership will unlock economies of scale to accelerate our electrification roadmap and advance our industry-leading efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Rick Schostek, Executive Vice President of American Honda Motor. “We are in discussions with one another regarding the possibility of further extending our partnership.”

This pair-up will also allow these two EVs to feature more than just GM’s batteries – they will also use the brand’s hands-free advanced driver-assistance technology. While they will still be badged as Honda vehicles, these vehicles will use GM’s OnStar safety and security telematics services.

This is the second time these two carmakers have teamed up to create eco-friendly vehicles. They previously made the Cruise Origin — a self-driving electric car that’s meant to let people share rides around crowded cities. It was introduced earlier this year in San Francisco.

While we don’t have many more details about what the partnership between Honda and General Motors will ultimately produce, it’s certainly exciting to think about. When the Honda-badged EVs hit lots in 2024, we hope to see you right here at Don Wessel Honda.

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