Millennials Are Tech-Savvy Balanced Car Buyers

As it turns out, Millennials have particular buying habits when it comes to motor vehicles. These habits may surprise you. In fact, they may even inspire you!

The good folks at initiated a study of the buying habits of Millennials. They like their smartphones. Four out of five of them said that smartphone integration was an important automotive feature and over half of them said that they would pay more for a WiFi connected vehicle.

Millennials Are Tech-Savvy Buyers - Car Dealerships in Springfield MO

When these same folks were asked to rank what features were most important to them, they ranked “technology features such as infotainment and Bluetooth well behind price, fuel economy and performance.” Sounds like the new cars we have at Don Wessel Honda would be a great fit.

Not only were their tastes balanced but they also preferred to buy used. Almost 80% of the vehicles purchased last year were used vehicles.

Millennials are also open-minded when it comes to electric and hybrid vehicles. found that 72% of them have considered buying one.

And Millenials have nary a qualm with self-driving cars. A majority of those queried stated that they wouldn’t mind driving a fully autonomous vehicle were one to become available.

The conclusion is that Millennials are tech-savvy but overall balanced car buyers.

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