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Robot car search Springfield MO

Nearly two decades ago, Honda introduced the world to ASIMO the humanoid robot. We were all impressed with its abilities like being able to walk up and down stairs and do synchronized dance moves. Now ASIMO gets to retire, but the technology behind its development will be put to good use.

Honda says it will use ASIMO’s technology in areas like autonomous driving vehicles and physical therapy. ASIMO’s impressive balancing technology, which relied on multiple sensors, has already been incorporated into some Honda vehicles and motorcycles, including a self-balancing motorcycle which Honda showed off last year.

As for ASIMO’s walking abilities, that technology is being used to develop a rehabilitation device that will help physical therapy patients regain some of their mobility. It will rely on a motor that will help give patients more power and momentum to push off the ground. Honda is currently seeking medical approval for this device.

ASIMO’s technology has also been used to develop a lawn-mowing robot — currently available around the world — that can navigate uneven surfaces all on its own. In addition, after the Fukushima meltdown in 2011, Honda helped create a robot that could inspect the insides of the nuclear plants to help protect humans from the dangerous effects of radiation.

Our team at Don Wessel Honda is always interested in innovative technology like this. While we’re sad to see ASIMO go, we’re excited to see how its technology will be used in the future. Think of us during your car search in Springfield MO.

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