Honda Wins Three 2018 KBB Brand Image Awards – Car Dealer Springfield MO


Honda Wins Three 2018 KBB Brand Image Awards - Car Dealer Springfield MOEach year, Kelley Blue Book conducts its Brand Image Awards, offering outstanding automaker achievements in creating brands that, as KBB puts it, “engender enthusiasm among new-vehicle buyers.” There are seven categories and 13 winners, and it seems that the editors enjoy Honda’s products as in the 2018 KBB Brand Image Awards, Honda has taken three top awards.*

The most overarching of these awards is “Best Overall Brand,” a title which KBB editors attribute to Honda’s lineup, lauding it as “one of the freshest, most impressive vehicle lineups in the entire industry.”

The second award taken by Honda was “Best Value Brand.” This is a familiar title for Honda to receive, as it has done so for the past three years as well, and has done so for seven out of the past eight years. For this award, KBB editors praised Honda for its continuing reputation for reliability and strong resale value.

Finally, Honda also won the title of “Most Refined Brand,” which KBB awarded based on Honda’s unique attention to detail. Editors pointed out that, “Few mainstream automakers seem to pay quite as much attention to the little things, and even fewer do it with such success.”

Here at Don Wessel Honda, we are immensely proud to offer vehicles from a brand that is considered the most refined, the best-valued, and overall best in the industry. Come and explore this award-winning lineup (and take a few test drives) today with your Honda car dealer in Springfield, Missouri.

*Kelley Blue Book, April 2018

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