New Honda Clarity Charger Coming to Don Wessel Honda

The Honda Clarity is a modern, fuel-efficient vehicle that requires occasional charging to stay on the road. When you need to charge your Honda Clarity, there are a few options for you to choose from.

The first way to charge your Honda Clarity is through a DC Fast Charger. By connecting the car to a DC Fast Charging station, you can expect the battery to reach an 80 percent charge in as little as 30 minutes. The Honda Clarity Electric is one of just a handful of electric vehicles to feature standard DC Fast Charging. This charger is most notably seen in parking lots and dealership so you can park, plug in your car, and do your shopping while you wait for it to charge up.

Honda Clarity - Best New Cars in Springfield Missouri

The second way to charge the Honda Clarity is through Level 2 charging. By plugging in to a 240-volt charger, the Honda Clarity can achieve a full charge in just three and a half hours. This is ideal for overnight or daytime charging.

The final way to charge the vehicle is called Level 1 charging. This method consists of plugging into a 120-volt wall power outlet. This method will charge your Clarity’s battery in approximately 19 hours.

A Honda Clarity Charger is coming to Don Wessel Honda soon. For more information on charging your Honda Clarity, or when we will be installing our new charger, give us a call or stop by Don Wessel Honda to test drive the best new cars in Springfield Missouri.

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