Car Myths That are Costing You Money

In the world of car advice, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. There are plenty of car myths that just won’t quit- and some of them might be costing you money. Here is our list of the top three car myths that could be dipping into your wallet.

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  1. Premium gas is better for your car. Some premium vehicles do require premium fuel, but unless your user’s manual tells you otherwise, high-octane fuel won’t improve your gas mileage or make your engine run better. Skip the premium gas, and treat yourself to a coffee instead.
  2. Change your oil every 3,000 miles. Today’s modern cars are designed to go much further than 3,000 miles between oil changes. Again, refer to your owner’s manual for your car’s recommended oil change frequency and oil type.
  3. Warm up your engine before you drive. Allowing your car to warm up before you hit the road on cold mornings might be great for your comfort level, but it does nothing for your car. In fact, certain components, like your transmission and wheel bearings can’t really get warmed up until the car gets moving. Warming your car up in cold weather isn’t necessary, and is harmful to the environment and your wallet.

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