Car-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

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Of course, we at Don Wessel Honda love cars, and, what better way to celebrate that love than by wearing it? As Halloween approaches, we want to share some awesome car-themed Halloween costume ideas.

  • Mario Kart. If you are looking for a family or group theme, let everyone choose their favorite character from Mario Kart and get to work creating matching outfits and karts.
  • Batman. As much as we love Hondas, even they are no match for the Batmobile. Dress as the caped crusader and create your own cruising Batmobile, too.
  • Time Machine. This costume works great if you plan on using a wagon or stroller for trick-or-treat. Turn the wagon into the Delorean and dress your little person as Marty McFly from Back to the Future.
  • Transformers. We have long been fans of the Transformers and have seen some great costume creations. Follow these steps to learn how to make your own Optimus Prime.
  • Ghostbusters. Here is another idea that works great with a wagon or stroller. The grown-ups can dress up as the Ghostbusters, the baby can be Slimer, and the wagon is Ecto-1.

Which of these car-themed Halloween costume ideas would you love to try?

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