Back-to-School Tips: Preparing for the School Year

back-to-school tips

For many students, school has already begun. However, there are a few things you can do to help you get back into the swing of things. That’s why we at Don Wessel Honda have compiled a list of back-to-school tips, helping you to prepare for the hectic year ahead.

According to Organized Home, one of the best things to do is maintain a sleep schedule. Be sure to ease children into earlier bed times, and make sure that everyone is getting about nine hours of sleep. You should also create a hard-copy of a calendar to keep you on schedule. Phone reminders can work well, but most people actually plan better when using physical rather than digital platforms. Plus, a calendar in the center of your household can be used by all—perfect for time management.

It’s never too late to start carpooling. Carpools are a great way to reduce emissions and protect the environment, and they also help you save money on gas. Just be sure to set some rules before you carpool, including pickup times, rules for eating, and more.

Finally, prepare the night before. It can be easy to wait until morning to sort things out, but this often leads to chaos. Pack lunches, fill backpacks, and find supplies before bedtime to help you relax in the morning before school starts. These are just some of many things you can do to prepare for the school year.

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