Join the Missouri Institute of Natural Science for the 2017 Raptor Run

Looking for something fun to do with the whole family? Like to run or walk marathons? Or, maybe you just want to go to a science museum for an educational experience that’s anything but boring? You can have all of the above at the 2017 Raptor Run on June 9th. The Missouri Institute of Natural Science holds the event every year to help raise money for the institute and Riverbluff Cave, and if you stick around after the run, you can get in on the free tours of the museum.

There’s something for everyone at the Raptor Run. The free museum tours include both fun activities and learning experiences for the kids, and by participating in the run itself, you’ll be contributing to a future of education and progress as well as a great source of learning in your community. Popcorn, snacks, and various other forms of entertainment—including kid-friendly fossil digs—will also be held at the Raptor Run.

What else does the 2017 Raptor Run do for the community? Not only does the Missouri Institute of Natural Science use it to fund its own programs, but it also sinks money into archaeological research in Riverbluff Cave and partners with local schools to educate students about their community’s ecosystem. So, come out to the museum for a night of fun that goes toward a good cause on June 9th.

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