Honda Self-Driving Cars: Redefining the Auto Industry – Auto Dealers Springfield MO

Self-driving cars have been all over the news in recent months due to their exciting potential. Some experts estimate that in a few short years, your car could be completely autonomous. That’s why Honda has decided to begin researching self-driving cars. Though it’s one of the last major automakers to enter the race, the extensive R&D team at Honda promises to revolutionize the industry.

According to Forbes, Honda is set to start working with Alphabet (associated with Google) to develop new technologies to help improve performance. Honda self-driving cars are still in the early stages, but systems like the Honda Sensing Suite provide a firm foundation to move forward. Honda Sensing uses radar, cameras, and other monitoring technologies to alert you danger and potentially stop accidents. These safety systems can be converted for use in autonomous vehicle technology, including automatic braking, lane-keeping, and smart cruise control.

Remarking on the partnership with Alphabet, Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo said, “We are not going to do everything on our own. If we see potential for a win-win relationship we are open to those.”

So, what do current Honda technologies look like? Prototypes include a sedan with LIDAR radar technology and dual cameras. This Honda sedan can drive on the highway and around slow traffic, and it can even reduce distractions in the cabin if it’s not in control. While there are still years to go on fully autonomous vehicles, you can rest assured Honda will be leading the way by then. We at Don Wessel Honda couldn’t be more excited about the future of the brand.

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