Spring Car Cleaning Tips

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Spring cleaning tips

Spring cleaning tips

Enjoying the warmer spring weather to the fullest starts by having a clean car to ride around in. While giving your car a good wash and wax is certainly needed, that’s just the tip of the car-cleaning iceberg. Enjoy a nicer, cleaner car with these spring car cleaning tips from us here at Don Wessel Honda!

  • Windows – Odds are that winter left quite a few streaks across the windows and windshield, blurring your view. Fortunately, simply shining the windows can go a long way to improving visibility and making your car look squeaky clean! Simply grab a bottle of cleaner and a towel and get to work!
  • Wipers – Cleaning your car is one thing, but keeping it that way is another. Washing the windows and windshield will offer increased visibility. The windshield will only stay that way if you have good windshield wipers. Winter likely took its toll on your car’s wipers, so start off spring right by investing in a new set. They’re cheap and simple to install. Just check your owner’s manual for instructions.
  • Trunk – Many drivers tend to leave items in their trunk over winter. That can cause some buildup over the cold season, which is why now is a great time to empty the trunk. Remove any trash or object you had left outside in lieu of cold weather. Spring is here, after all!

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