How to Get Your Christmas Tree Home with Ease

Family Picking Out Christmas Tree - Springfield, MO

Finding the perfect tree can be hard, but getting it home should be a piece of cake with these helpful tips.

Picking out a Christmas tree is the ultimate family holiday tradition—but once you find the perfect tree, how do you get it home? If you want to get your tree home safe and sound, never fear. Just follow these tips on how to get your Christmas tree home with ease.

Wrap it up. Pine needles can do a surprising amount of damage to your car, so it’s important to prevent this from happening by wrapping your tree. Before you place it on your car’s roof, use a net to make the branches hug the trunk. If you do not have a net—or the tree farm you purchased your tree from doesn’t provide one—simply use a blanket or a tarp, wrapping it around the tree securely.

Point it right. Once your tree is wrapped, place the tree on the top of your car with the trunk pointing towards the front. This will decrease the amount of wind damage done to your tree, keeping it in pristine condition despite its travels. It will also help keep your car aerodynamic, helping you better control it while driving.

Tie it down. Secure your tree tightly to the roof of your car. If your car has roof rails, simply use bungee cords or rope to do so. For cars that don’t have roof rails, securing the tree is slightly more effort. First, open all your car doors and then use rope to secure the tree, threading the rope through the car’s interior and up over the tree. Finally, close your doors. This will keep the tree nice and tight to your roof.

Once your tree is home safe and sound, the only thing left to do is decorate it with lights and ornaments.  We here at Don Wessel Honda hope you find the perfect tree this year, and have a safe and Merry Christmas season!

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