Holiday Travel Tips

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The holiday season is quickly approaching and if you plan on traveling, there are a few things you need to know. While packing light and planning ahead of two obvious tips, there are many more you probably aren’t aware of. That’s where we come in. We here at Wessel Honda have some holiday travel tips to make the most wonderful time of the year even better!
• Eat – Being in a hurry is no excuse for not eating. The last thing any traveler wants is an incident with low blood sugar. That’s not to mention that hungry, stressed-out travelers tend to be more irritable. Save yourself some unnecessary frustration and grab a bite to eat as you travel.
• Technology – There are few better assets than technology during the holidays. Many airlines have helpful apps with plenty of tips as well as discounts and flight information. Navigation systems can plan a route and reroute if something comes up along the way. Make use of technology on your travels this holiday season!
• Earplugs – Noise can be a major cause of stress which is why it’s so important to bring a pair of earplugs for your journey (but please don’t use them when you are driving). Airports and beeping car horns can cause headaches that no traveler wants during the holidays. Think ahead and bring a pair of earplugs, just in case.

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