Best Tailgating Tips for the Football Season

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Fall is here, and that means one thing – football! And, of course, with football comes tailgating. There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a grill and a cooler packed with beer. You can go above and beyond, however, by implementing some of the best tailgating tips we’ve found on the internet.

Get there Early

Plan on arriving four hours before the game, then eat about two hours before so you have time to clean up afterwards.

Get Organized

Use a toolbox to pack everything you need for tailgating. It’s secure and doesn’t take up much space!

Learn the Art of Packing a Cooler

Beer and other beverages at the bottom, tupperware containers in the middle, and food in bags at the top.

Prepare the Night Before

Save time by shaping burger patties and skewering kebabs the night before, then marinating them overnight. Chop up burger toppings ahead of time, too.

Get Crafty

Adding a personal touch makes tailgating more fun. Make your own beer pong table, decorate the cooler, and paint a tablecloth to look like a football field.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of the best tailgating tips out there, but it’s a great foundation for you to start building the tailgating party of a lifetime.

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