Honda Week of Service Serves Local Communities across the U.S.

In June, all across the United States, Honda employees headed out into their communities to lend a helping hand. This was the first ever Honda of Week of Service—something that Honda hopes to make an annual event.

From June 10th-19th, Honda employees in 41 states along with areas in Canada and Mexico participated in 425 organized service events. These events included a wide range of activities, from collecting trash, donating blood, feeding those in need, gathering school supplies, helping local animal shelters, and painting and refurbishing homes.

In Sidney, Ohio, Honda employees worked together to help paint Agape Distribution, a food bank that lets those in need shop for groceries for free.

“When people come down here, they’re really beat down by life. They come in and get 95 pounds of free groceries, and it brings hope to them,” said John Geissler, CEO of Agape Distribution. “I dreamed about getting this building painted, so our customers don’t look like they’re going to a food pantry, they look like they’re going to a grocery store. It’s everything to me.”

All together, the Honda Week of Service provided 60,000 canned goods, feed 3,000 families, donated 600 pints of blood, collected 350 bags of trash, helped get 200 animals adopted, gathered school supplies for 2,500 children, and garnered about $75,000 in charitable donations.

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