Honda Takes “Most Advanced Powertrain” Title

While the Honda NSX, better known as the Acura NSX in America, is still prepping for its European market launch, the automaker released some details on the supercar’s powertrain. The resulting details have enthusiasts raving as the supercar features technology normally reserved for the more-powerful hypercars. That jump in technology has driven the Honda NSX to take the “Most Advanced Powertrain” title.

The advanced powertrain is a hybrid combination. Three electric motors and a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine push out a minimum of 573 hp. Mated to a nine-speed double-clutch transmission, the NSX offers an entirely new sports experience.

The two electric motors mounted on the front axle provide the NSX with an active all-wheel drive system as well. The third electric motor is mounted in the rear and is attached to the engine’s crankshaft, effectively removing any turbo lag from the engine.

Honda Takes “Most Advanced Powertrain” Title - Car Dealerships Springfield MO

That’s not to mention the torque vectoring system that controls the front wheels individually, providing better grip and performance on sharp curves and twisting roads.

“Our engineers explored new technologies to create a car that redefines supercar performance, delivering a vivid and intuitive experience that places the driver at its centre,” said Ted Klaus, chief engineer and global development leader of the new NSX.

The Honda NSX will also take on the Peak Hill Climb when it releases in Australia in late June.

We here at Don Wessel Honda are proud to see such innovation coming from Honda engineers!

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