Monthly Archives: October 2016

The All-New Honda CR-V is Ready to Turn Heads

All-new Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V has quite a few fans as America’s bestselling SUV, which means that any changes to the model are put under extra scrutiny before the public sees them (beyond the close look already given by the automaker). This month, Honda finally unveiled the all-new Honda CR-V to the world, and it has certainly received quite a few upgrades…. Read more »

Halloween Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on All Hallows Eve

Halloween Driving Tips

Apart perhaps from the day after the general election, Halloween is the single scariest day of the year. Unlike November 9, the fright synonymous with Halloween is of a fictitious and more playful nature. This isn’t to say that Halloween cannot be legitimately scary itself; with children roving neighborhoods in masks and costumes in large numbers, it can actually pose… Read more »